jazz classJazz class is for dancers ages 9 years to 18. Dancers learn isolations, pirouettes, kicks, leaps, and jazz walks. Class begins with a warm up with stretching and conditioning. Then dancers will work on movements across the floor. Most every class will conclude with dancers learning unique jazz choreography each week. This class will enable dancers to develop style and practice performing.

Jazz Schedule

FALL 2018/SPRING 2019
Beg Jazz (9-12yr): Thursdays 4:30-5:30PM
Beg Jazz & Contemporary (13-15yr): Fridays 5:30-6:30PM
Int/Adv Jazz: 4:30-5:3oPM

Dress Code

Any color dance leotard or sports bra
Any color spandex shorts
No tights
Shoes: Foot undeez

Any color fitted top
Any color spandex shorts
No tights
Shoes: Foot undeez


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Leaps & Turns

Intermediate/Advanced Level Suggested Pre-Requisites

1 year of Leaps and Turns
1 year of Ballet