homeschool ballet and lyrical classes

For those families that homeschool, we offer Wednesday morning dance classes for boys and girls. For the Itsy-Bitsy dancers ages 2-5 we offer Mommy & Me (2-3yr), Terrific 3’s (3yr), and Ballet/Jazz (4-5yr). For 6 to 8 year olds, we have a Ballet/Lyrical class. Ballet and lyrical/contemporary classes are available for beginning and intermediate dancers ages 9 to 18.

This is a brand new program, starting the week of September 6th, 2016.  Click the class links below for class descriptions and dress codes. For information on trial class prices and monthly tuition, please visit our tuition page.

Why add dance training to your curriculum?

Dance is a full body and mind workout.
Body: It’s healthy for people to exercise in everyday-life. Finding a passion that incorporates physical activity makes exercise more rewarding. In their classes, dancers will build muscle tone and gain flexibility through static and dynamic movements. They will also improve coordination and balance through executing specific dance training, movements, and choreography.
Mind: Although it’s a physically demanding art form, dance is mentally demanding as well. Successful dancers must learn, recognize, and apply proper technique and correct terminology. In every class, dancers will memorize new choreography and combinations. Since dance takes time to master, dancers will need to exercise discipline in every class in order to progress. Finally, by expressing themselves through movement, dancers will cultivate creativity.

Homeschool Class Schedule

FALL 2016
Terrific 3’s  (3 yr) 9:00-9:30AM
Mommy & Me (2-3yr) 9:30-10:00AM