UPDATE: Costume week was so fun! Thank you for dressing up and showing off your Halloween costumes!

costume week at Infinity Dance in Tulsa, jazz tap class
infinity dance tulsa costume pre ballet classcostume week ball class infinity tulsa

It’s time for some fun!

Monday October 28th- Saturday November 2nd 

This spirit event is open to all classes and all ages. Come to your dance class dressed up in your Halloween outfit or your favorite recital costume. Make sure you can move around enough to dance in your costume. Forget about the usual class dress code! Hair can be any style. If your costume has shoes that are not close to dance shoes, it would be best to wear your dance shoes. Definitely bring your character’s shoes so that everyone can see the full character before and after class! The same goes for wigs and masks. You can wear them in but it might be tough to dance in them. We will be taking photos of all the unique characters! These will be posted on Facebook and Google Plus.