Contemporary Dance Class tulsa Contemporary dance class is for ages 9 to 18. We offer a beginning (level 1) and an intermediate/advanced (level 2). In class, dancers will learn intricate choreography. Choreographers pull from various styles such as modern, lyrical, and ballet. This class improves dancers’ abilities to explore new movement as well as develop personal dance style.  Dancers work on showing abstract ideas through style and unique movement.  This class helps with picking up new movement quickly and improvisational skills.  This area of dance is becoming increasingly popular.  It is even seen on TV shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and World of Dance.


Dress Code

Any dance attire (leotard or sports plus spandex shorts recommended)
Shoes: Foot undeez

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For Ages 9 to 18:
Leaps and Turns

Intermediate/Advanced Level Suggested Pre-Requisites

1 year of Acrobatics
1 year of Leaps and Turns