Tuition & Promotions

FREE SHOES with New Registration (Ages 2-5):
Free pair of dance shoes* when you register your dancer for an itsy-bitsy class!
For: Any brand new INFINITY Itsy-Bitsy dancer ages 2 to 5. (Re-enrolls are not eligible.)
To redeem: First, register the new dancer for an Itsy-Bitsy class. Next, pay the first month’s tuition in full (non-refundable). Finally, go to the front desk for help getting your new shoes!
*Dance shoes to choose from: Ballet shoes or foot undeez
Limit: One pair of shoes per new dancer
Date Valid: December 2017 through May 18th, 2018

Trying something new? Get 50% off of your first class!
Single Classes: $20 per 1 hr class
Trial Classes: $10 per 1 hr class

Recommended for brand new students & dancers wanting to explore new styles.

Ready to start your dance education? The key to learning is regular attendance and practice.
How it works: Add up the hours the first child is taking per week, then find that number in column one. Look across to column two for that child’s tuition. For an additional child’s tuition, follow the same steps but look across to column three.

Recommended for students that would like to start and continue learning dance.

FALL 2017 & SPRING 2018

Class Hours Per Week

Monthly Tuition for First Child

Monthly Tuition for Siblings

.5 35  29.75
1 60  51
1.5 80  68
2 100  85
2.5 110  93.50
3 120  102
3.5 130  110.50
4 140  119
4.5 150  127.50
5 160  136
5.5 170  144.50
Unlimited (6+) 175  148.75

Want to learn at your own pace? You can schedule private lessons to get one-on-one instruction!

Individual Private lessons: $60/hr or $30/half-hour
Semi Private lessons: $25/hour per person
Group Private lesson: $60/hr for the first person + $10 for each additional person

Recommended for dancers wanting to supplement dance education, athletes interested in cross-training, new students wanting to learn before group classes, soloists or groups learning special routines

Have a busy and ever-changing schedule? Walk-in adult classes are commitment-free and pay-as-you-go!
Walk-in Adult Classes: $10 each
Starting September 2018: take 10 classes, get a free t-shirt 

Recommended for brand new dancers and adults with busy schedules


    Toddler, children, teen, and adult dance classes. Register online to become part of the Infinity family!


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