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Nov 9th: Beginner Hip-Hop Teacher Training

Projected LIVE from CLI Studios! INFINITY is partnered with CLI studios to give you access to the industries top choreographers and teacher training programs projected right here at our studio. This course is designed for beginning hiphop teacher training. This teacher training class is taught by Rhythm Works Integrative Dance! RWID is a ground breaking rhythm […]

Itsy-Bitsy Class Structure

INFINITY ITSY BITSY CLASS STRUCTURE More than just dance! Different styles of dance will have different class structures. In general, this is what a class in the Itsy-Bitsy program entails: CIRCLE TIME– Warming up muscles and light stretching. Fun and engaging! CENTER WORK– Working on coordination and basic dance skills. Often in this part of […]


tulsa summer dance camp 2016

2016 SUMMER DANCE CAMPS ***REGISTER NOW***   PIRATES & PRINCESSES CAMP This camp is for little ones who want to have fun and learn basic dance skills. Dancers may choose to be a pirate, prince, or princess. In their class, dancers will learn a cute routine to perform at the End Show. Dress code: pirate, prince, […]

Homeschool Dance

For those families that homeschool, we offer Wednesday morning dance classes for boys and girls. For the Itsy-Bitsy dancers ages 2-5 we offer Mommy & Me (2-3yr), Terrific 3’s (3yr), and Ballet/Jazz (4-5yr). For 6 to 8 year olds, we have a Ballet/Lyrical class. Ballet and lyrical/contemporary classes are available for beginning and intermediate dancers ages […]


Lyrical class is for dancers ages 6 years to 18. It is helpful, but not necessary, to have had at least one year of ballet experience. Dancers learn updated choreography with modern and contemporary music. Using Ballet as its source of inspiration, Lyrical is a great class to apply your technical training while also using […]


Freestyle is an intermediate/advanced hip hop class for dancers ages 8 to 18. In class, dancers will practice coming up with unique movements in the moment without relying on pre-choreographed movements. The goal is to have versatility, develop good musicality, and find a personal style. Since the class is doesn’t have pre-choreographed movements, it has more […]

Adult Contemporary

Adult Contemporary is for adults ages 16 and up. Contemporary dance class is for beginning (level 1) and intermediate/advanced (level 2) dancers. In class, dancers will learn intricate choreography. Choreographers pull from various styles such as modern, lyrical, and ballet. This class improves dancers’ abilities to explore new movement as well as develop personal dance style. […]


Jazz-Tap class is for children ages 4 to 5 years. This is a combination class. The first half is jazz and the second half is tap. Dancers learn the basics of each style of dance, develop motor coordination, and practice appropriate classroom behavior. This an upbeat class that helps improving performance and musicality. Children should take […]

Creative Movement

Creative Movement class is for dancers ages 4 to 5 years. Dancers learn basic dance movements, develop motor coordination, and practice appropriate classroom behavior. In this class, creativity is emphasized more in this class than in the others offered for the 3-5 yr age group. This class is a good starting point for dancers that […]

Bboy / Bgirl / Breakin’

Bboy or Bgirl aka Breakin’ is for dancers ages 8 years to adult. Dancers will learn the techniques, music and movement of the funk style breakin.’ One of the four original elements of hip hop, breakin’ has grown to be one of the most popular and commercialized styles of dance in the world. Dancers learn beginning […]