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Beginning Dance (regular program) is an introduction class offered for dancers ages 6 to 10. Dancers will explore movements from ballet, jazz, and lyrical. They will also work technique, leaps, and turns.  This is a great starting point for children that are new to dance. There is also a Itsy Bitsy Beginning Dance class for ages 4 to […]

Ballet class is for dancers ages 6 to 18 years. (Adults see Adult Ballet Page) This is a very serious and disciplined class. Dancers learn fundamental technique while working on improving strength, grace, balance, and flexibility. This class is the technical foundation for many other styles of dance. For those with a serious interest in […]

Hip hop class is for dancers ages 6 to 18 years. Dancers develop a sense of rhythm, learn various techniques, work on freestyle, and pick up intricate choreography. Anyone interested in performing and having fun should definitely try this class. Many levels of hip hop classes are available: Mini, Beginning, Beginning/Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced, Advanced, and Adult. Dancers […]

 Contemporary dance class is for ages 9 to 18. We offer a beginning (level 1) and an intermediate/advanced (level 2). In class, dancers will learn intricate choreography. Choreographers pull from various styles such as modern, lyrical, and ballet. This class improves dancers’ abilities to explore new movement as well as develop personal dance style.  Dancers work […]

Jazz class is for dancers ages 9 years to 18. Dancers learn isolations, pirouettes, kicks, leaps, and jazz walks. Class begins with a warm up with stretching and conditioning. Then dancers will work on movements across the floor. Most every class will conclude with dancers learning unique jazz choreography each week. This class will enable dancers […]

Acrobatics class is for dancers ages 6 to 18 years. To enroll in the Intermediate/Advanced level, dancers must have a backbend kick-over, front limber (handstand to a backbend-recover), and cartwheel. Dancers learn tumbling skills such as cartwheels, aerials, back walkovers, and back handsprings. Partner acrobatic movements are included in classes. Stretching, conditioning, and drills are a major part […]

Broadway class is for dancers ages 6 to 18 years. Dancers will learn basic broadway style dance. Throughout the year, dancers will learn choreography to musicals. Dancers will be encouraged to understand and embody their character. They will incorporate classic jazz moves such as kicks, pirouettes, etc. This class is great for actors and dancers who […]

Flexibility and stretch classes is for dancers ages 6 to adult. This class helps dancers increase their flexibility. Dancers will learn techniques that are vital to proper stretching. The instructor will lead exercises to target specific muscle groups. One of the main goals in the beginning level will be to master right leg, left leg, […]

Leaps and Turns class is for beginning, intermediate, and advanced dancers (ages 9-18 years). Dancers work on improving balance, strength, and flexibility while mastering a variety of jumps and turns. This class is very technique-centered, great for dancers in general and as supplemental training for pom dancers. Leaps and Turns Dress Code GIRLS Any color […]

Adult Ballet Adult ballet class is for adults 16 years and up.  Level 1 is geared toward beginning students, but intermediate/advanced dancers are still welcome. Adults joining Level 1 after November might want to take an intro private lesson before the first class.  Level 2 is geared towards intermediate/advanced dancers. Dancers will work at the barre, […]