dance studio best friendsEvery day, we, Emmi and Emily, are inspired by the positive energy our students and their families bring to INFINITY. We’re constantly excited to see our students grow as dancers and as people. This is because we have experienced, first-hand, the positive impact of dance. Personally, we feel that dance has helped shape us into the individuals we are today. This Labor Day weekend, we decided to share the story about how we became best friends, dreamed big, and opened INFINITY DANCE ACADEMY. Here’s our story:

In 1996, in the sunny state of Florida, we met in the third-grade Gifted Program. We looked forward to the once-a-week opportunity to solve “stories with holes”, think outside the box, do logic exercises, and trade Pokemon (with real cards). It was here that we were challenged and inspired to reach our potential. (If you’re reading this, Mrs. Brooks, thank you for so positively impacting our lives). Although we were in Gifted together and danced at the same studio for years, it was a bullying experience in middle school that really brought us together. Even though being alienated from our school peers for a year was rough, we always had each other and dance. We loved going to dance because it was consistently a creative outlet and a place where teamwork was valued. (Thank you New Dimensions dance family, “whoop whoop!”) Through it all, we became stronger individuals and best friends. In high school, things started looking up. We were challenged both creatively and intellectually, as we managed to successfully balance our 15-20 hour dance week and a full load of honors and AP classes. In our college years, we followed our unique interests while we continued to pursue dance and stay best friends. I, Emmi, attended Oral Roberts University in Tulsa. I started out in chemistry, changed to theology to English and graduated with B.S. in both mathematics and psychology. I, Emily, attended the University of Central Florida in Orlando. I started out in film, changed to chemistry to undecided to engineering to physics to mathematics and ended up with B.A. in philosophy.

Being the dreamers that we are, we had endless ideas of how we could use our creativity and love of dance to change the world. One idea that really resonated with us, was to create an accepting place where dancers could grow into strong and creative individuals. In January of 2012, at the young age of 22, our dream became a reality and we opened INFINITY DANCE ACADEMY. And here we are today! We would like to thank our own parents for putting us in dance, encouraging us to work hard, and supporting our dreams. Also, thank you to our INFINITY family for guiding us as we continue to learn and grow as young businesswomen. Students, please be sure to thank your parents for supporting you. You may not realize it now, but the opportunity they are giving you will last a lifetime.

<3 Emmi and Emily

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