Are you or your child a beginner? Are you wondering which class to start with and when you should sign up? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We offer dance classes for beginners ages 2 to adult. If you or your child are brand new to dance, you can start now! Below is some general information to help you get an idea of how it all works:

Fall/Spring: September-May
Summer: June-August

In general, beginners may join any time during the summer and any time during the fall. On or before January 31st, we’ll close most classes to new enrollment so classes can work on recital routines. In February we’ll also open brand new, non-recital classes so beginners can still join. Some classes, like stretch, accept new enrollment year-round. Check out our class schedule page for class meeting times.

Below are the classes we recommend for beginners (no experience necessary). Just click on the link to find class information, class attire, and day-time schedule.

Itsy-Bitsy Program for Ages 2 to 5
Mini & Me (2-3yr)
Terrific 3’s (3yr)
Ballet Petit (3yr)
Dance Divas (4-5yr)
Beginning Dance (4-5yr)
Ballet/Jazz (4-5yr)
Tiny Tumblers (4-5yr)
Ballet/Tap (4-5yr)
Mini Swag (4-5yr)

Youth Program for Ages 6 to 18
Pre-Ballet (6-8yr)
Beginning Dance (6-10yr)
Beg. Hip Hop (6-10yr)
Beg. Broadway Dance (6-12yr)
Beg. Acrobatics (6-8yr), (9-12yr), & (13-17yr)
Beg Hip Hop (6-8yr), (9-12yr), & (13-17yr)
Ballet 1 (9-12yr) & (13-15yr)
Beg. Jazz (9-12yr)
Contemporary 1 (9-12yr)
Beg. Jazz & Contemporary (13-15yr)

Adult Program for Ages 16 and Up
Adult Hip Hop (18+)
Adult Ballet (18+)

We have the dance attire you’ll need for class available for purchase here. If you’re not quite ready to invest in some fun dance attire, no worries! Children and adults can feel free to wear comfortable workout clothing to the first class.

Fall/Spring tuition is based upon the number of hours taken per week. Tuition for ages 2 to 3 starts at $35 per month. Tuition for ages 6 to 18 starts at $60 per month (Fall 2017 rates). The more classes you add on, the better the discount you receive. Summer tuition is by single class with discounted classes packages available.  Tuition for all adult classes is $10 per class. For a full explanation of the tuition rates, please visit our tuition page.

Yes, beginners participate in the dance recital! Costumes are due at the end of November, but we can still order some costumes in January so long as they’ll arrive in time for the show. Classes usually start working on recital pieces in March. For more information, check out the recital page. If you’re not ready for recital, we have some non-recital classes on Saturday morning.

Registration is easy! Click the blue “Register” button below to begin.  If you have any questions before signing up, contact us.


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