Adult Hip Hop

Adult Hip Hop

Adult Hip Hop class is for adults ages 18 and up. Class will start off with some grooves. Then there will be some light stretching and strengthening. The rest of the class will be spent learning and practicing a combination. This class is great for adults that want to get a better sense of rhythm, let loose, and burn some calories.

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Adult Hip Hop Schedule

SUMMER 2018 
Regular group classes start back up in fall. If you’d like to book a hip hop class for an event, check out of Heels Dance Class party for adults!

FALL 2018/SPRING 2019
Fridays 7:30-8:30PM

  • Welcoming Summer Drop-ins & Fall Enrollment

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$10 drop-in classes

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Athletic clothing- yoga pants, sweatpants, comfortable shirt or tank top
Hair up (optional)

Athletic clothing-gym shorts, sweatpants, athletic top or comfortable shirt