Rental Space


Need to rent space to hold birthday parties, Zumba classes, hip hop crew practices, pageant rehearsals, barre classes, aerobics classes, yoga classes, homeschool exercise groups, or something else? All three dance studios are available for rent!

Rooms may be rented up to two months in advance. Studios A and D  (larger rooms) have Marley dance floor surface and are best for ages 6 and up. Studio I has a lightly cushioned flooring and is best for ages 6 and under.  Rental price for all rooms includes use of sound system and equipment. The larger studios have ballet barres, gym mats, stall barres (Studio A only), turning boards, twist boards, balance trainers, ab wheels, foam rollers, Therabands, and ankle weights. Studio I has low balance beam, gym mat, equipment for young dancers (cones, ribbon twirlers, colorful floor square, parachute).

tulsa studio rental space

Studio A

tulsa large dance room with windows

Studio D

tulsa dance room for little kids and toddlers

Studio I

Our facility has over a hundred free parking spaces available and is conveniently located by the Creek Turnpike and US-169.


Barefeet or dance shoes only in dance rooms. Tap shoes and sneakers are only allowed in Studio D. Must have at least one supervising adult present. All participants must fill out Infinity liability waivers before using the dance room. No food in dance rooms. Water only in dance rooms. Renter must fill out Infinity Rental Agreement form. To reschedule an event, 24 hrs notice must be given.


Studio A or Studio D
$30* per hour for the first 2 consecutive hours, $20* per each additional consecutive hour

Studio I
Very small room designed for dancers ages 5 and under. Could be used as a practice space for one adult. May only be rented during regular business hours or in conjunction with rental of Studio A or D.
$10* per hour

ADD ON Study Room: $10* per hour for overflow seating
ADD ON The Lounge: $10* per hour for refrigerator use and kitchen seating. This is the only area of the studio where food is permitted.


Contact us to hear about our specials!

$200 Total
Want to have a dance birthday party? The 2 hour party includes a 1hr dance class and use of kitchen.


To reserve studio space, please email us or call (918)286-6962.  All rentals must be paid in full in advance. Space is reserved at time of payment. To reschedule an event, 24 hrs notice must be given.
INFINITY DANCE ACADEMY is located at 8112 S Memorial Dr in Tulsa, OK.

1) Contact us for facility availability
2) Create a customer account here
3) Email a scanned image of the signed Facility Rental Agreement
4) Make payment in full to book the facility
5) Have all participants sign printed waivers (located at facility) OR provide proof of commercial general liability coverage