Dance Company

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the purpose of Tulsa’s Infinity Dance Company?

  1. Provide instruction in different studies of dancing and performing for serious dancers ages 8 to 18. (7 and under are on the Petite Company).
  2. Provide performance and competition experience at local organizations and national competitions.
  3. Promote positive values through encouraging teamwork, responsibility, physical fitness, and creativity

How much does company membership cost?

  • Infinity Dance Company Membership costs $250/month. This price includes tuition for 5+ hours of regular studio dance classes, which is a $150 value. The discounted rate for additional siblings is $235/month.
  • Infinity Petite Dance Company membership costs $50/month.

Are there any additional costs?

  • Yes. Dancers ages 5 & Under must be enrolled in at least 3 hours of regular studio classes, which starts at $100 per month. Other additional costs for all dancers include costume fees, competition fees, travel expenses, hotel expenses, company warm-up outfits, and convention fees.

How often does the company rehearse?

  • Infinity Dance Company rehearses Tuesdays 4:30-6:30PM and Saturdays 10:00AM-1:00PM. Infinity Petite Dance Company rehearses Saturdays 11AM-1PM. In the fall, additional rehearsals will be scheduled, but advanced notice will be given.

How many Competitions and Conventions does Infinity Attend?

  • Both Infinity Dance Company and Infinity Petite Dance Company attend 3-4 competitions, as well as 1-3 optional conventions. Some competitions and conventions will be in Tulsa but others may be out of town.

How many members does Infinity Dance Company accept?

  • Infinity Dance Company accepts no more than 30 members. Infinity Petite Dance Company accepts no more than 15 members. All returning members must re-audition every year.

How should prospective members prepare for the audition?

  • Those interested in joining Infinity Dance Company should take as many dance classes as possible, starting now. Ballet, Stretch, Leaps & Turns, Contemporary, & Hip Hop are strongly encouraged.  For one on one instruction, dancers may ask to schedule private lessons.

What is expected of company members?

  • Company members are expected to be responsible, respectful, serious, and disciplined. They must come to classes, rehearsals, performances, competitions, etc with a good attitude.

How Do I Audition?

  • 2014-2015 Auditions will be held August 9th. Ages 4 to 7 year audition 9:00-9:30AM. Ages 8 to 18 years audition 9:30-10:30AM. Make-up auditions may be scheduled sometime in August. For audition times and information, or to schedule a make up audition , e-mail Emmi Galfo.